"‘Radiate’, the new 5-part EP by Scatz and his first release of the Neo-Roaring ‘20s.

You’ve waited patiently while we retreated to our WUMP caves for renewed inspiration, and now we’re emerging into this new decade refreshed with conflagrant creative juices. It’s time to jump into 2020 together with a whole bunch of new art and music from our collective.

Today we’re happy to share the latest project from our co-founder and artistic director, Scatz. Just a glance at the artwork (created by the man himself) will make you feel the visceral warmth flow through your veins and fire up your nervous system. Scatz has developed a reputation as a cornerstone of the progressive glitch-hop scene in the northeast US, and this EP is particularly special because it shows a couple different sides of this multitalented artist that some of you may have not heard yet.

Leaning into his musicianship as a multi-instrumentalist, Scatz leads off the EP with a piano-driven masterpiece called ‘Phantasia’ that takes us back to Scatz’ darker roots with a newly inspired flare. Think suspenseful classical meets deep, dark, and dangerous but with those uncanny Scatz progressions and unpredictable twists-n-turns that inevitably take you deeper and deeper into the story he’s painted through sound.

As the EP continues, the winds of change shift the flames of ‘Radiate’ into different dances of tempos, moods, and stylings as the energy continues to build and evolve. You’ll get a dynamically well-rounded listening experience and get a feel for 2020 Scatz, which is something we’re all very excited about in the WUMP camp."

-Ronny Bilodeau (co-founder WUMP Collective)

"Pressing play on a new Scatz EP is like starting a new video game or cracking open a really good book for the first time. You’re ready to be pulled into another world, to get lost in its narrative and watch its themes unfold into an absorbing, mind-blowing climax. It’s an experience you never want to end, but when it does, you’re grateful it exists. Life will never be the same.

Scatz’s latest project, 'Radiate,' is that type of experience. The WUMP Collective co-founder weaves 5 tracks into an engrossing adventure with ups and downs that take you through worlds you never thought existed."