'Scatz' is the adopted moniker of enigmatic bass music producer Mitch Bilodeau. Hailing from his Earth-based home in Connecticut, USA, Scatz delivers a refreshingly original flavor of electronic bass music that aims to invert previous notions of glitch-hop and dubstep.

Scatz reinvents the electronic sonic experience by creating music that relates more closely to an unravelling narrative than following traditional song structure and form, which lends itself to a very unique live experience. Scatz combines classic instrumentation with progressive, hard-hitting electronic production and sound design in his work.


Scatz's releases through Street Ritual, MalLabel Music and WUMP Collective (co-founder) have gained attention in their own right among enthusiastic members of the bass music community, while his live act continues to excite and intrigue an otherwise increasingly stale electronic music scene.


"By avoiding traditional song patterns Scatz accesses a more fluid form of composition, creating one-of-a-kind movements - stories - that hold listeners at attention."

- TheRustMusic.net -

"...Scatz uses broadphrasing that flows along like a run-on-thought to absorb you into his otherworldly panorama. Synths and samples evolve in sequence as the Connecticut-based producer lays out passages that progress [his] sonic story."

- TheWookOfWallStreet.com-